The Nicola Sala State Conservatory of MusicBenevento, Italy, is an high music education institute; It was founded in 1988. The conservatory has 2 levels of high education: 3 years (called Triennio) Level 6 EQF (European Qualifications Framework), and 2 years (called Biennio) Level 7 EQF, 2 years.
The Level 6 is based on a credit system like in Europe (ECTS). You need 180 credits to obtain your “Diploma Accademico di I Livello” (Academic first level degree). The level 7 is normally a specialization of your principal matter or it is possible to choose a new music course. In any case you need 120 ECTS credits to obtain your “Diploma Accademico di II Livello” (Academic second level degree). The Benevento Conservatory promotes many artistic production. In 2016 our Institution was the the first in Italy for number of concerts (345 in one year) and public music events. Every department of the conservatory organize his musical annual proposal and many students and teachers partecipate to concerts, masterclass, seminar. We have a Symphonic Orchestra, a Chamber Orchestra, and many chamber  music ensemble, included classic, jazz and pop music. Our Pop Department  includes all principal instrument, sing and pop composition and arranging.
The “Nicola Sala” Benevento State Conservatory of Music  is constantly engaged in the planning and implementation of international music projects. 

We take part in the of Erasmus+ mobility programme. You can find information about Erasmus application and procedure HERE 

Benevento Nicola Sala Conservatory of Music is a member of  AEC 

Our Institution is involved in the international project ERASMUS ORCHESTRA

For any question or more information about all aspects of International Relations please contact our IRC & Erasmus Coordinator M° Francesco D’Ovidio,


ERASMUS Charter for Higher Education 2021 2027